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New in stock...Juwel LIDO 200


The cubic one - the Lido 200 sets stylish accents with a sense for clear lines.
Exhibiting a width of 71 cm, a height of 65 cm and a special depth of 51 cm, the LIDO 200 is also perfectly suited as seawater aquarium.
The safety base frame ensures a particularly reliable placement and facilitates  a problem-free arrangement of the aquarium without special pads.
Skilful workmanship from Germany, high-quality materials and perfectly coordinated technology ensure a maximum of quality and safety and consequently guarantee the longevity of the LIDO 200.

Special viewing pleasure: The JUWEL High-Lite T5 lighting

High-Lite, the modern T5 illumination technology by JUWEL, offers brilliant illumination and exceptional plant growth. The length of the High-Lite fluorescent tubes is specially matched to the size of the respective JUWEL aquariums and consequently ensures the even illumination of the Lido 200 with an output of 2x28 watts. The Lido 200 may optionally be supplemented with one additional light unit for even more light.
The High-Lite illumination system of the Lido 200 facilitates working in a comfortable manner in the aquarium, even while the lighting is switched on.
The ultrasound-sealed light unit is 100 per cent waterproof, fulfils the stringent European safety standards and has been TÜV/GS-certified.

Technology that inspires: Bioflow 3.0 filter system and heater

The LIDO 200 is equipped with a powerful Bioflow 3.0 for optimum filtering. This inside filter combines efficiency with safety and forms the centrepiece of a JUWEL aquarium. It follows the "The water remains in the aquarium!" principle and consequently constitutes the most secure manner for filtering an aquarium. The Bioflow 3.0 is equipped with five powerful filter media and a quiet, strong Eccoflow 600 circulating pump.
The JUWEL adjustable heater 200 watts which is ideally integrated in the water circuit of the Bioflow 3.0 filter system ensures the correct temperature in the LIDO 200.
Thanks to the use of high-quality silver contacts and impact-resistant borosilicate glass, the JUWEL adjustable heater meets the most stringent requirements with regard to function and safety and is TÜV/GS-certified as a matter of course.




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